• Reviewed by: moby.manders  on: 2019/12/2 17:40:22
    Hello! I have been eating at your restaurant since I was a teenager- about 20 years! I love your food very much, and it has brought me and my family much joy and comfort for a long time. If you would contact me, I would like to offer my training in graphic design to make you a nice printed wall menu, at no charge. If you are interested in this gift to thank you for many years of your dedication and service, please e-mail me for details. (For clarification: You might know me- I am the great big white girl with great big glasses that gets the great big tofu fried rice. ;) )
  • Reviewed by: silentauctionbowmanmiddlepta  on: 2019/12/13 19:46:10
    Bowman Middle School PTA, in Plano, TX  is holding our Silent Auction this coming February & we are asking for your assistance in making 2020 a great success. The families within our school are likely part of your target marketing community and both the PTA and your business would benefit by your donation. The monies raised during our annual auction are a key component in OUR ability to fund field trips, school programs & equipment, educational classroom supplies & classroom incentives. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we rely on community partners to help us provide for our Bowman Middle School. We greatly appreciate all support & are asking if we can count you in this year as a donor?
  • Reviewed by: cole  on: 2018/10/18 6:54:28
    Do you know how much time is left on your lease? Have you ever been interested in opening up another location, or finding a NEW location for your business? I’m Cole Collins with McNeff Commercial Real Estate, a locally-owned firm with over 30-years of proven industry success. We mainly focus on tenant representation – which means that we help businesses like yours find and lease the most affordable RETAIL spaces available. • Knowing the market before you make any decisions is key to striking the best real estate deal for your business • We provide FREE market searches & updates, so you can get a feel for what the market is offering and at what prices – and track what’s changing • Competing RETAIL buildings in your area currently quoting rents between $14.00 - $25.00 PSF, depending upon the age, location and on-site amenities available. Please give me a shout back; I will only need 3-5 minutes of your time. Thank you and have an amazing day!
  • Reviewed by: test  on: 2017/11/22 1:04:09
  • Reviewed by: Daria246357  on: 2016-08-04T03:38:01
    Would you ever tell a customer how to make one of your recipes? I love crab Rangoon so i bought some from the store. It is just terrible and gross. Your recipe is amazing. I would love to know how you make your cream cheese filling so I can make it at home.If you can't tell me I understand. I will still order it from you in the future either way.
  • Reviewed by: Montblanc5275  on: 2016-07-02T11:38:52
    Did you get a new owner, or a new chef? I've enjoyed your food for years, but the last few times I've ordered, the food has gone way downhill. The butterfly shrimp are now breaded instead of beer battered, the Thai Flat Noodle used to be wonderful, but now it has no flavor. What happened?!
  • Reviewed by: mwhit1949  on: 2016-06-28T08:37:17
    I don't like the 11:00am hour to start
  • Reviewed by: aaron  on: 2015-12-14T15:00:14
    Great food and great service.I would suggest that they loose the music on the website as it is difficult to order covertly when you are at work and have to rush to the bottom of every page you go to and pause the music.
    Re: Hi Aaron Thanks for your feedback! If you dont like that music, You can turn off that on the bottom of screen by yourself!   (2016-01-12T18:54:33)
  • Reviewed by: BILLFLANAGAN77  on: 2015-01-17T17:32:34
  • Reviewed by: abnormalclient  on: 2014-10-18T16:36:25
    They are not expensive and they are good tasting. I only order from them for all my Chinese food for the past 4-5 years. Thanks C WOK
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