• Reviewed by: info  on: 2022/9/27 5:22:57
    Hope you can appreciate my persistence, I’ve been trying to reconnect with you to help grow your business nationally. You can’t possibly believe your franchised competitors are better than you. Fact is they’re growing. I have researched your brand and I have no doubt I can help you grow the business through franchising. To book a quick follow up call between us please use the following calendar link: Best Regards, John Romney
  • Reviewed by: jennifer  on: 2022/6/20 2:39:03
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  • Reviewed by: tracy  on: 2022/11/9 4:58:06
    Hi, my name is Tracy Phillippi, Head of Brand Development with Combo Brands. I wanted to personally reach out to you because I had the chance to visit your restaurant while visiting and I strongly believe your restaurant can benefit from our unique brand opportunities that are strictly designed for restaurant operations like yours to add tens of thousands in additional revenue to your businesses bottom line; all without having to buy one additional piece of equipment or come out of pocket. To learn more about this unique opportunity and receive our confidential brand material please book a quick call with me by clicking on the following live calendar link or copying and pasting it into your browser: I’m very much looking forward to connecting with you. Best Regards, Tracy Phillippi Combo Brands – Combo Kitchen Phone: 763-478-7265 Email:
  • Reviewed by: burke_dianna  on: 2021/7/27 16:06:07
    When ordering online, there is no place to put add the FREE appetizer so I couldn't get it. I couldn't get through on the phone so I'm going to order online.
  • Reviewed by: 46busof  on: 2020/5/13 13:03:33
  • Reviewed by: hannah.erwin  on: 2020/4/29 17:26:44
    Are you open? I have been trying to order these last 2 weeks, nobody's answering.
  • Reviewed by: cole  on: 2018/10/18 6:54:28
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  • Reviewed by: aaron  on: 2015-12-14T15:00:14
    Great food and great service.I would suggest that they loose the music on the website as it is difficult to order covertly when you are at work and have to rush to the bottom of every page you go to and pause the music.
    Re: Hi Aaron Thanks for your feedback! If you dont like that music, You can turn off that on the bottom of screen by yourself!   (2016-01-12T18:54:33)
  • Reviewed by: BILLFLANAGAN77  on: 2015-01-17T17:32:34
  • Reviewed by: abnormalclient  on: 2014-10-18T16:36:25
    They are not expensive and they are good tasting. I only order from them for all my Chinese food for the past 4-5 years. Thanks C WOK
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